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Simple, secure, and sustainable account access for annuitants

Kelly Kowalski, Cliff Noreen, and Bronwyn Shinnick

Posted on June 08, 2021

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Because we believe the customer experience is important to sponsors and their employees, exemplary service is our top priority.

As part of that belief, we invest in our technology to create digital capabilities that make annuitant account access simple, secure, and sustainable. And at no time before have digital services been more important. Given the pandemic and our increased reliance on technology, more and more customers are relying on electronic access to manage their accounts and facilitate transactions.

At MassMutual, annuitants have digital access to more than their account information and a variety of forms. In addition to these offerings, they can perform certain transactions depending on their status. If they are not yet in pay status, they can calculate benefit estimates, for example. If they are in pay status, they can access tax forms, download a verification of income letter, change their address, and much more.

Delivering service in a digital way can be simple, and it needs to be secure. Today, cyber security is essential. At MassMutual, we continuously invest in tools, resources and personnel that help us keep that commitment. Our information security team monitors risk factors every day so that personal data, and the systems that manage it, are safe.

Lastly, sustainability is an added benefit of digital access. Reducing carbon emissions associated with paper-based transactions, each digital transaction means helping protect the environment for the ones we all love for generations to come.

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