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Another year gone by, so maybe check on a few things before blowing out the candles.

Birthday finance check

Sometimes paying a mortgage during retirement can be financially viable. 


Forgetfulness or diminished mental capacity: One can be troublesome; the other, financially dangerous.

Senior exploitation

Kid-free couples need a bigger financial war chest to pay for long-term care expenses as they age.

DINKs saving plan

It contains critical information for your retirement, so make sure you are getting it.

Social Security's Green Line report

Some seniors opt for a bigger house during retirement as opposed to downsizing.

Upsizing in retirement

If you are divorced and filing for Social Security, consider the long-term impact of your choices.

Social Security for the divorced

It's critical that those closest to seniors watch for possible red flags.

Elder financial abuse

Families support each other emotionally, physically...and, just as important, financially.

Acts of Mutuality

Unique risks and vulnerabilities make this community, especially older generations, less prepared.

LGBTQ undersaved

As more people approach and reach retirement age, stable value funds may become increasingly popular. 

Institutional stable value funds

If you lost a spouse, research your filing options carefully.

Social Security for widows

Retiring business owners should create a succession plan to protect their family and successor. 

Business succession planning: Key to retirement?

Singles research claiming strategies to maximize their retirement income.

Social Security filing options for singles

Couples can maximize their lifetime payout by planning ahead.

Filing strategies for couples

A late start doesn't mean you can't make headway on retirement savings.

Saving in 40s, 50s

They can supplement retirement income by using home equity. But is a reverse mortgage right for you?

Reverse mortgages

Many Americans file for benefits at the earliest opportunity, but that may not be wise.

Filing for Social Security