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Taking steps to safeguard your financial future can bring great comfort in moments of grief. 

Widows financial guide

Everything changes when your financial plan includes other people. Here are tips for creating a family budget.

Family financial plan

The breadwinning parent might have added home or career costs if the at-home parent passes away.  

Stay at home parent

It is particularly important to be financially proactive when one partner is a decade older or more.

May-December marriages

These money-saving tips from wedding industry experts can help you stick to your big-day budget.

Saving on a wedding

Some tax and property advantages for married couples don’t apply if one is a non-U.S. citizen.

Non-citizen marriage traps

It's life insurance which covers two policyowners and pays-off at the second death. 

Survivorship insurance

Couples planning a wedding around a winter holiday must navigate carefully. 

Holiday weddings

Couples who blend their money may have a healthier marriage.

Money and marriage

Know your partner’s finances; create a cohabitation agreement to mitigate risk.

Buying a home unmarried

Merging finances as newlyweds means more than just sharing.


Newlywed tips

Women in divorce should outline their financial and family priorities to achieve a sound settlement.


Couples can maximize their lifetime payout by planning ahead.

Filing strategies for couples

Same-sex spouses should take advantage of all marital benefits available.

LGBTQ marriage perks

Before saying 'I do' again, explore a prenuptial agreement, revising your will, estate plan or trust. 

Second marriage finances

Does remarriage help or hurt a student’s college financial aid package? 

Remarriage and college aid

To minimize stress and reach their financial goals, newlyweds need a plan. 

Merging money after marriage

Know your partner's money habits before you say "I will."

Money questions before marriage.