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Try to strike a balance between quality of care and your optimal retirement lifestyle.

Where you retire and long-term care

Annuities are often disparaged by financial pundits. The criticism often misses the point.

Annuity criticisms and rebuttals

Retirement is a journey that should start early with steady navigation. Have a road map.

Ultimate retirement guide

Depending on their financial picture, certain groups of people could potentially gain from LTC coverage.

6 people who dismiss  long term care insurance  but maybe shouldn’t

To retain control of your options as you get older, make plans and formalize key documents ahead of time. 

Preparing for diminished capacity

There are some compelling reasons for delaying your Social Security.

Let MassMutual help maximize your retirement income.

In some cases renting may mean less cost, fewer chores, and more fun.

Renting for retirees

Parents plan to spend savings on themselves; long-term care and medical expenses may deplete what is left.

Inheritance: Don't count on it

Not only are baseball players getting paid to play a game, they are likely to live longer too.

Baseball and longevity

These communities can offer numerous amenities, but may have limits as you age.

55 or older communities

Besides longevity, that jog may also boost emotional wellness and your quality of life.

Running and living longer

What pre-retirees need to know to protect their assets and interests.

Let MassMutual help you create an estate plan.

Latinos live longer and, statistically, have less saved for retirement.

Hispanics and longevity risk