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Live Mutual

Athletes will turn to some crazy stunts to raise money for charity.

Stunts help runners raise money

Besides longevity, that jog may also boost emotional wellness and your quality of life.

Running and living longer

Sharing a ride has benefits beyond getting from Point A to Point B. 

Living Mutual: Need a lift?

Friends, neighbors, and strangers will all pitch in to find a lost dog or cat.

Living Mutual: The Lost Pet

Informal money pools provide a source of credit for Hispanic and other immigrant communities.

Money pools

A cool drink, entrepreneurship, and communities coming together to support kids.

Living Mutual: The lemonade stand

Over 80 people came together to save a family caught in a deadly riptide. 

Living Mutual: Beach

What if you could help people help themselves through improving financial wellness?

Data science

Two young men find creative ways to return the love they received in their childhood.

Living mutual

Three examples of people helping people, making themselves and the world better for it.

People helping people

Diplomas represent a lot of hard work and effort on the part of kids and families.