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Life insurance

Tracking down a life insurance policy for a deceased family member isn’t hard when you know where to look. 

Lost life insurance policy

Business owners are finding that the traditional means of funding a comfortable retirement may not be enough.

Life insurance for supplemental income

When older couples divorce, it can undermine their financial standard of living.

Divorce after 50

Paying life insurance premiums too fast may have consequences.

MEC rules

Gone are the days when an employer simply offers a 'one-size-fits-all' benefits package.

employee benefits

With planning and forethought, life insurance can be used to benefit a favorite charitable cause. 

Using life insurance for charity

Service members may need a supplemental policy to protect their family after they retire or leave the military.

A MassMutual financial advisor can help

Life and disability income insurance can help protect your highest earners.

MassMutual can help with your insurance needs

Some people may need to supplement a group policy with individual insurance.

Group life insurance

Life insurance policies are full of complicated financial terms, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

MassMutual can help you make sense of life insurance

Tips for managing the costs associated with breast cancer treatment.

MassMutual can help manage your expenses.

Life insurance for kids can potentially be used to safeguard their insurability or as a future source of funds.

MassMutual can help advise on your life insurance needs

Mistakes are common when buying life insurance. Here's what to avoid.

A MassMutual advisor can help

Converting a term life policy to permanent coverage may help you meet your financial goals.

MassMutual can advise on term to perm conversions

An executive bonus plan is a way to reward key employees using life insurance.

Executive bonus plans using insurance