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Life insurance

Tips for determining how much coverage and what type of policy you need.

Life insurance is key to financial fitness; just ask Danica Patrick.

Insurance and benefit choices can be harder and more expensive for freelancers to navigate alone. 

Some kinds of coverage gets dismissed, but is that fair or unfair?

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There are plenty of differences in policies that make it wise to compare beyond the basic price.

It's life insurance which covers two policyowners and pays-off at the second death. 

Some types of life insurance have an attractive feature beyond the death benefit.

How a 19th century reformer and MassMutual developed a mutual relationship that benefited people nationwide.

Sure, it's available...but tapping a policy's cash value has consequences.

Families support each other emotionally, physically...and, just as important, financially.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding life insurance, taxes, and being a beneficiary. 

State regulators provide strict oversight of life insurance companies, but consumers can protect themselves too.

There are specific risks at certain points in life. Here is a strategy to tackle them.

Examine your life insurance coverage prior to divorce; define ownership, premiums, and beneficiaries. 

Buying a life insurance policy for your child or grandchild can help them protect their future financially.

Most life insurance policies have provisions for reducing or eliminating payouts when fraud is detected.

There are alternatives that can help buffer your retirement income.