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During a vacation or business trip, unexpected events can have consequences.

Travel insurance

Getaways are better if you don't come home with debt.

Planning your vacation

It brings history to life for kids who might otherwise forget the sacrifices of the civil rights movement.

MLK march

Whether traveling solo or with a partner, it is important to do your homework thoroughly.

LGBTQ travel tips

Holiday tipsters are an example of people helping people in a direct and meaningful way.

Live Mutual: Hefty holiday tips

Holiday weddings may portend a rocky marriage ahead, some experts say. 

Holiday divorce

However you celebrate, it’s all about being together. 

Thanksgiving traditions

Trick-or-treaters can practice budgeting, learn about market value, and even taxes.

Halloween lessons

Families are embracing 'trunk or treat' events and community block parties. 

Halloween alternatives