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Financial literacy

There are specific risks at certain points in life. Here is a strategy to tackle them.

First step? Budget. But many other considerations follow...

It's the most basic step in estate planning, regardless of your wealth.

It’s startling how little people really know about what could be their biggest asset in retirement.  

Here's a selection of jargon to test your financial literacy limits.

Injuries happen. Disability income insurance can help lighten the financial burden. 

Opening new credit cards can sometimes help, not hurt, your credit score. 

Depending on what they're playing, they might actually be learning to be smarter about money.

Diversifying your investments may be a wise strategy over time.

Americans, especially kids, need help learning the basics of money management.

Probate can be costly and time consuming. It also creates privacy concerns.

Set a plan for your savings goals as part of a long-term financial strategy.

Don't ask how much you will make, but how much you could make.

View the elimination of debt as a long-term financial goal and create a schedule and plan.

Investors use this method to strike a balance between playing the market and staying on the sidelines.

Does 'one size fits all' apply to life insurance? Often times, the answer is 'no.' 

Paying life insurance premiums too fast may have consequences.

Learn about two top choices for many investors.