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How parents of LGBTQ children can show love and support at home.

Everything changes when your financial plan includes other people. Here are tips for creating a family budget.

There are many financial opportunities – and potential pitfalls – for gay and lesbian couples.

If you plan to loan money to family, there are some key questions and considerations you should keep in mind.

As we celebrate fathers this month, let's also appreciate that DNA does not necessarily make a dad.

It is particularly important to be financially proactive when one partner is a decade older or more.

She goes above and beyond to help her team's players and parents form a family.

Adult children may be legally responsible for their parents' long-term care costs.

Life insurance can offer a solution to some of the challenges of transferring a farm.

It's life insurance which covers two policyowners and pays-off at the second death. 

From credits to write-offs, parents have opportunities to lower their tax liability.

Sports parents, through acts of mutuality, make it possible for our kids to pursue their passion. 

Don't leave credits and deductions for your 2018 taxes on the table.

Spending on youth sports has spiraled. Here are tips on paring costs and focusing on fun. 

If your mom does not have certain plans in place, she may be vulnerable to financial risk. 

As a grandparent, you have options for providing support for grandchildren and lending assistance to parents.

In middle school, his best friend’s parents took him in and showed him what it means to be a family.

Technology and traditions can help you stay connected.