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Elder care

Can you help your aging, financially struggling parents without compromising your future financial security? 

Seniors are turning to home-sharing programs and cohousing communities to help with the bills and chores. 

If your mom does not have certain plans in place, she may be vulnerable to financial risk. 

Protecting the financial well-being of seniors takes the support of family members and friends.

To retain control of your options as you get older, make plans and formalize key documents ahead of time. 

Forgetfulness or diminished mental capacity: One can be troublesome; the other, financially dangerous.

It's critical that those closest to seniors watch for possible red flags.

Scammers defraud seniors of billions of dollars per year, but you can take preventative steps.

Open, honest dialogue with spouses, kids, and aging parents can potentially help you meet your financial goals.

Follow treatment plans, keep appointments, and be honest.

Out-of-pocket health care costs in retirement are much higher for senior singles than for senior couples. 

Emotional and financial demands change from pets to children to parents.

Longer lives and rising costs mean long-term care options have to be considered.

How to watch for signs of memory impairment, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.