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Divorce can be costly both financially and emotionally; 4 alternatives may offer an easier out. 

If you are divorced and filing for Social Security benefits, consider the long-term impact of your options. 

Women in divorce should outline their financial and family priorities to achieve a sound settlement.

Examine your life insurance coverage prior to divorce; define ownership, premiums, and beneficiaries. 

Couples who blend their money may have a healthier marriage.

Probate can be costly and time consuming. It also creates privacy concerns.

When older couples divorce, it can undermine their financial standard of living.

Holiday weddings may portend a rocky marriage ahead, some experts say. 

They protect against the 5 D's: death, disability, divorce, departure, and disqualification.

The marital status of parents can affect the aid available to a student.

Definitions of a "parent" and conflicting state standards can be troublesome.

Depression and money are common sources of discord for married couples in retirement.

Money disagreements are a major source of marital conflict. Here's how to keep the peace.