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Refinancing your student loans with a variable or fixed interest rate is a big decision. 

Don’t let college costs, market volatility, or longevity risk give you nightmares.

Crowdfunding is one way to raise money in an emergency, but it's no substitute for insurance.

Not all debt is bad. But it takes knowledge and vigilance to maintain the balance.

Young adult cancer survivors face financial challenges that other age groups don’t.

Higher-income households are more confident, but still worry about the American dream.   

Retiree tips for qualifying for a mortgage without employment income.

Refinancing or consolidating your student loans can lower payments but change important terms.

Maintain your credit score with sound financial strategy, less debt, and fewer credit cards. 

With interest rates rising, borrowers may pay more for loans but savers may welcome the higher yields. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, your extra student loan payments could be going to waste.

More high school graduates are putting college on hold. 

There are good, and not so good, ways to come up with a down payment to buy a home.

Use found money to pay off debt, bolster savings, or fund retirement.

College graduates struggling with student loan debt have options.

If you qualify, Direct Loans can lighten your tuition burden. But borrow smart.

Know your partner's money habits before you say "I will."

View the elimination of debt as a long-term financial goal and create a schedule and plan.