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Lilianna Watson

By Lilianna Watson
Lilianna Watson is a communications consultant for MassMutual.
Posted on Jun 18, 2018

Homelessness, hunger, job loss — these tragedies affect a staggering number of Americans. At times, we can feel helpless, as though there’s nothing we can do to fight for those less fortunate than ourselves. But people like Scott Stillman prove time and again that just one person can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Stillman, the general agent of MassMutual Colorado, has secured a donation of $25,000 from the MassMutual Foundation to recognize the outstanding work he does in his community.

The donation will go to the Jewish Family Service of Colorado (JFS), where Stillman volunteers. It is an organization dedicated to serving the vulnerable people of all faiths, ages, incomes, races, and abilities in the Denver and Boulder communities.

Their many services include providing resources to help seniors live independently, mental health counseling to those in need, training and job placement for people with disabilities and to those with barriers to employment, and food and financial aid to people in crisis.

Stillman serves on the JFS board of directors, and lead initiatives including food drives and holiday celebrations providing resources and essential items to families in need.

Stillman said walking through the food pantry at JFS drives home the impact he makes with his volunteer efforts.

“The expressions of gratitude I see on the faces of people in need underscores the good we are doing,” said Stillman. “Seeing young children walk out knowing they will have a few good meals to get them through the week is sobering. The image of these families is etched in my mind and continually motivates me to do more.”

The MassMutual Foundation awarded $225,000 to nonprofit organizations across the country on behalf of 22 advisors who are working hard to make a difference. Two $25,000 Platinum Award winners, 15 $10,000 Gold Award winners, and five $5,000 Silver Award winners were selected for demonstrating the true value of living mutually. (Read more about the awards here)

Stillman said the $25,000 will go toward keeping six families from going homeless by providing food, shelter, and other essential services through the Emergency Assistance Program.

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