These communities can offer numerous amenities, but may have limits as you age.

55 or older communities

Longer lives and rising costs mean long-term care options have to be considered.


How to watch for signs of memory impairment, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Seniors and mental fitness

Women plan well for retirement, but they still lag behind men in account balances. 

MassMutual can help.

Price breaks can help stretch your savings, but you won’t get the perks unless you ask.

Senior discounts

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Sharing your wishes before your death may ensure minimal strife for your heirs.

MassMutual can help you draft a will that works.

What pre-retirees need to know to protect their assets and interests.

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Hispanics and longevity risk

Renting or owning a home in retirement: breaking down the financial pros and cons.

Downsizing in retirement

There are benefits to having a financial plan and being thoughtful in your retirement approach.