Grandparents have the life experience to pass along the gift of financial literacy.

Grandparent money lessons

Sometimes paying a mortgage during retirement can be financially viable. 


Forgetfulness or diminished mental capacity: One can be troublesome; the other, financially dangerous.

Senior exploitation

Kid-free couples need a bigger financial war chest to pay for long-term care expenses as they age.

DINKs saving plan

It contains critical information for your retirement, so make sure you are getting it.

Social Security's Green Line report

Some seniors opt for a bigger house during retirement as opposed to downsizing.

Upsizing in retirement

It's critical that those closest to seniors watch for possible red flags.

Elder financial abuse

Singles research claiming strategies to maximize their retirement income.

Social Security filing options for singles

Couples can maximize their lifetime payout by planning ahead.

Filing strategies for couples

They can supplement retirement income by using home equity. But is a reverse mortgage right for you?

Reverse mortgages

Many Americans file for benefits at the earliest opportunity, but that may not be wise.

Filing for Social Security

Retirement saving is not on most millennials’ list of top priorities.

Millennials and retirement: The to-do list

It’s startling how little people really know about what could be their biggest asset in retirement.  

Social Security study

Scammers defraud seniors of billions of dollars per year, but you can take preventative steps.

Senior scams

Hospice care is an important option for families to consider for a loved one. 

Hospice care

It might be easier to qualify before tapping retirement resources.

Mortgage before retirement

Out-of-pocket health care costs in retirement are much higher for senior singles than for senior couples. 

Single seniors health care

Your 401(k) may not generate sufficient income to sustain your retirement. 

401k not enough