Life Planning

Expert advice can end up saving lots of time and money in the long run.

Working with a financial advisor

Both Roth IRAs and traditional IRAs can help you save for retirement. But they have different rules.

Roth vs. traditional IRAs

Keeping track of your medical history is vital to managing costs, maintaining optimal health.

Personal health records

Getaways are better if you don't come home with debt.

Planning your vacation

Open, honest dialogue with spouses, kids, and aging parents can potentially help you meet your financial goals.

Money taboos

Before saying 'I do' again, explore a prenuptial agreement, revising your will, estate plan or trust. 

Second marriage finances

Straight donations are the most direct, but here are three other options.

College donations through life insurance

Should you choose term or permanent life insurance? It depends on what you’re insuring against.

Term and perm considerations

Opening new credit cards can sometimes help, not hurt, your credit score. 

Applying for new credit

To minimize stress and reach their financial goals, newlyweds need a plan. 

Merging money after marriage

This kind of coverage can help those with medical issues cover final expenses.

Understanding GALI

Know your partner's money habits before you say "I will."

Money questions before marriage.

Disabilities that are not visible to others affect millions. Support groups can help.

Hidden disabilities

Depending on what they're playing, they might actually be learning to be smarter about money.

Video games and money lessons

What to consider when selling your first home, from staging to negotiating.

Selling your first home

It can help to discuss wishes and costs with family and friends beforehand.

Preplanning a memorial service

Tracking down a life insurance policy for a deceased family member isn’t hard when you know where to look. 

Lost life insurance policy

Settling an estate is a difficult job that takes patience and organization.

Executor tasks and duties