Life Planning

When older couples divorce, it can undermine their financial standard of living.

A consistent, diversified investment strategy can help you reach your goals.

Marriage, homes, and children are coming later in life. Are there consequences?

Set a plan for your savings goals as part of a long-term financial strategy.

Don't ask how much you will make, but how much you could make.

View the elimination of debt as a long-term financial goal and create a schedule and plan.

Financial New Year’s resolutions should be realistic, achievable goals. 

Investors use this method to strike a balance between playing the market and staying on the sidelines.

Annuities come in many forms with many different provisions. Here are some useful terms.

Americans are back to one of their worst financial vices – jacking up credit card debt.

Swapping life insurance for long-term care options can be a possibility.

Does 'one size fits all' apply to life insurance? Often times, the answer is 'no.' 

Holiday weddings may portend a rocky marriage ahead, some experts say. 

Paying life insurance premiums too fast may have consequences.

You blew your budget on holiday gifts. Financial experts offer tips for paring down debt. 

Learn about two top choices for many investors.

Savvy borrowers who negotiate terms land the best loans.

How registered representatives and investment adviser representatives differ.