Life Planning

Time to see if your saving and spending plans are on track or need a course correction.

It’s important to choose a reputable adoption agency and do your research.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding life insurance, taxes, and being a beneficiary. 

Same-sex newlyweds who are in the market for a home must shop carefully.   

Consider the price, program philosophy, and your child's age before you enroll. 

State regulators provide strict oversight of life insurance companies, but consumers can protect themselves too.

Same-sex spouses should take advantage of all marital benefits available.

Budgeting and planning tips for a new baby.

A late start doesn't mean you can't make headway on retirement savings.

Different lessons in financial fitness can and should be shared at different times.

There are specific risks at certain points in life. Here is a strategy to tackle them.

With the right documents, a financial advisor can help you with short and long-term money goals.

First step? Budget. But many other considerations follow...

Examine your life insurance coverage prior to divorce; define ownership, premiums, and beneficiaries. 

Not only are baseball players getting paid to play a game, they are likely to live longer too.

Most life insurance policies have provisions for reducing or eliminating payouts when fraud is detected.

Tips for staging a financial intervention for someone who makes bad money decisions.  

Pet owners can find insurance policies that fit almost any need, breed, or budget.