Life Planning

Time to see if your saving and spending plans are on track or need a course correction.

Diversifying your investments may be a wise strategy over time.

Certain unique financial challenges affect LGBTQ parents, but resources exist to ease the burden.

Everything changes when your financial plan includes other people. Here are tips for creating a family budget.

Some types of life insurance have an attractive feature beyond the death benefit.

There are many financial opportunities – and potential pitfalls – for gay and lesbian couples.

If you plan to loan money to family, there are some key questions and considerations you should keep in mind.

Individual preferences differ, but there are concepts everyone should know before committing dollars.

The breadwinning parent might have added home or career costs if the at-home parent passes away.  

To assess true compensation, look at benefits, time off, and other things besides the paycheck. 

It is particularly important to be financially proactive when one partner is a decade older or more.

These money-saving tips from wedding industry experts can help you stick to your big-day budget.

Can you help your aging, financially struggling parents without compromising your future financial security? 

Some tax and property advantages for married couples don’t apply if one is a non-U.S. citizen.

Investment can be a vote and support for businesses that are owned, led, or founded by women.

Health savings accounts let you put away pretax dollars for medical expenses.

Supporting a child on a single income takes resolve, creativity, and mutual support.

Female investors come out ahead by trading less, saving more, and remaining calm during market downturns.