Living Mutual

Living mutual has always been at the core of our human existence, and it's the principle that's guided us since our founding in 1851. It's not a concept we invented, but one we champion for the simple reason that people take it for granted today.

Americans, especially kids, need help learning the basics of money management.

Younger buyers seek affordable homes in the suburbs.

Whether traveling solo or with a partner, it is important to do your homework thoroughly.

Reduce college tuition costs by accelerating the time in the classroom. 

Multiple policies can handle some of life's complexities.

Probate can be costly and time consuming. It also creates privacy concerns.

When older couples divorce, it can undermine their financial standard of living.

A consistent, diversified investment strategy can help you reach your goals.

Marriage, homes, and children are coming later in life. Are there consequences?

Set a plan for your savings goals as part of a long-term financial strategy.

Don't ask how much you will make, but how much you could make.

View the elimination of debt as a long-term financial goal and create a schedule and plan.

Contributing to qualified retirement plans is just part of the equation.

Financial New Year’s resolutions should be realistic, achievable goals. 

Technology and traditions can help you stay connected. 

Millennials should start saving early for a fatter nest egg.

Holiday tipsters are an example of people helping people in a direct and meaningful way.

Investors use this method to strike a balance between playing the market and staying on the sidelines.