Living Mutual

Living mutual has always been at the core of our human existence, and it's the principle that's guided us since our founding in 1851. It's not a concept we invented, but one we champion for the simple reason that people take it for granted today.

Through penalties, underfunding, or dividend goofs, you may be giving the IRS more than you owe. 

Which odds should you be paying attention to while dreaming of pots of gold?

There is a financial wellness arms race ... and employers and their employees are the winners.

Life insurance can offer a solution to some of the challenges of transferring a farm.

A women's hockey star is using her experience to help the next generation become catalysts for change. 

Helping one another should be appreciated, honored, and celebrated, both in history and in the present day.

The relative quiet you attribute to a lack of complaints could be the sound of a client who is shopping around.

Online tools can help you save money and avoid costly mistakes.

It's life insurance which covers two policyowners and pays-off at the second death. 

Sponsoring a retirement plan comes with many commitments on the part of employers, including fiduciary duties.

MassMutual has an historic, and perhaps philosophical, link to the famous children's author.

In a world where “light speed” is the new normal, we’re moving faster than ever to stay ahead.

From credits to write-offs, parents have opportunities to lower their tax liability.

Multiple policies can handle some of life's complexities.

Sports parents, through acts of mutuality, make it possible for our kids to pursue their passion. 

Don't leave credits and deductions for your 2018 taxes on the table.

The age you are when you have your first child may affect your finances in different ways. 

Insurance sometimes gets a starring role in the movies, and even an Oscar nod.